Denver’s retail real estate market reported to be world’s second-hottest

By Ben Miller, Denver Business Journal

Denver’s retail real estate market is reportedly going to be the world’s second “hottest” market over the next few years.

With an expected growth in retail rents forecasted annually at around 7 percent for the next few years, only San Francisco will be “hotter,” according to a new report.

According to CBRE Research’s latest ” Real Estate Market Outlook,” the Denver retail market is expected to outperform all other global retail markets.

In December, the Denver Business Journal’s Molly Armbrister reported that “with an economy heavy on typically well-compensated professions like technology and financial services, (that) has increasingly put Denver on the map as a location for high-end retailers.”

The CBRE report also added that Denver’s industrial market will be the world’s 15th “hottest” industrial market in the near future, with industrial rents expected to rise by more than 4 percent annually over the next few years.

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