What We Do: National NNN Investment Sales

Few real estate investments offer the security, stability and simplicity of net lease properties. The single tenant net lease market is a highly sought after real estate investment property type. Many seasoned real estate developers and investors are converting their real estate capital from intensive asset management properties to single tenant net leased investments. The net lease market is active with aggressive 1031 exchange and private investors due to the passive nature of the leases, attractiveness of investment returns, and substantial credit of many of the tenants.

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors possesses expert brokers and advisors with the focus and experience to serve your triple net (NNN) investment needs. We will cater our net lease services to fit your demands in this rapidly changing market. Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors is pleased to offer the following services:

Net Lease Dispositions

Have a net lease property to sell? Our investment sales team’s approach is both innovative and aggressive, employing our Full Spectrum Marketing™ Campaign to expose your property to the largest number of qualified real estate buyers.

Net Lease Acquisitions

When you engage Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors to assist you with purchasing a net lease property, you obtain access to our proprietary Pinnacle RPX® database and deep industry knowledge of our expert brokers. We will scrutinize every aspect of a potential real estate investment to be sure the acquisition fits your strategy and minimizes risk.

1031 Exchanges & 1033 Exchanges

A 1031 & 1033 exchange, also known as a tax-deferred exchange, is a common strategy that affords significant tax advantages to commercial property owners. Many investors consider it to be an important strategy of real estate investment. Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors is here to provide you with an understanding of the exchange process and timing. We will actively assist you throughout the entire exchange process and diligently find replacement exchange properties that fit both your investment strategy and timeline.


There are numerous benefits to a sale-leaseback strategy for business operators such as reducing debt, increasing liquidity, funding business improvements to existing stores, and many others. The Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors net lease specialist will provide you with a detailed analysis of your real estate holdings and create a disposition strategy to meet your goals. From there, our detailed marketing process and Full Spectrum Marketing™ Campaign will allow you to maximize the value of your real estate holdings.

Triple-Net (NNN) Advisory

Contrary to common belief, single tenant triple net investing is not as simplistic as many believe. There are many critical components to be aware of while investing and owning single tenant triple net properties. From store sales, to termination options, to the underlining credit of the lease guarantor, net lease properties require careful scrutiny. The Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors net lease specialist experience and focus will provide you with a thorough understanding of all of the significant factors of investing in net lease properties.