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Uniquely Qualified

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors has a dynamic team dedicated to the real estate needs of churches, schools and non-profits: the Faith Based Client Services Group (FBCS). The FBCS has extensive experience in this niche giving them a unique understanding of the specific real estate needs of religious organizations, schools and non-profits.

The Commercial Difference

Numerous companies and individuals that help with faith based requirements often times employ a residential real estate marketing approach: list a church property for sale, place on an MLS or information exchange network and hope the phone rings. At Pinnacle, we serve our faith based clients with a proactive and aggressive full-service marketing strategy. We use this same approach with our traditional commercial clients, which is effective in achieving our clients’ real estate objectives and goals.

Arrows in the Quiver

Because of our years of experience, we have developed a network of professionals able to help faith based organizations with:

  • Financing
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Research
  • Valuation Studies
  • Demographic Reports
  • Design / Architect Recommendations
  • Real Estate Attorney Recommendations
  • Municipal and Entitlement Contacts

Well Established and Multi-Disciplined

The Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors platform and network is well established and multi-disciplined. We are literally able to handle every aspect of real estate requirement for churches and non-profit corporations. We have access to numerous sources of sales and lease comparables to help assess value, demographic information to track change in neighborhoods and communities. We’re able to ask and investigate questions; Is there a higher and better use for the property? Multi-family perhaps? What about senior housing? Do local municipal contacts know the property is available for sale? What about other denominations or other nearby churches or schools? The Commercial Difference greatly sets Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors apart from our competition.


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