WeWork expands to apartments, like college dorm for adults

By: Matt McFarland, The Denver Post

WeWork, a provider of co-working spaces in 28 cities, isn’t content just to offer you a place to do your job. Last week it opened WeLive, which offers furnished living quarters and a range of extra amenities in a fresh take on what apartment life should be like.

The apartments are on the small side, and many lack a complete kitchen or a full-sized fridge. In some apartments, the beds fold into the wall to create more space.

But when residents step outside their own walls, they have access to common areas including large kitchens stocked with appliances, game rooms, quiet areas and a community garden.

“For everyone who’s had that experience of coming to a new place, often it’s really exciting and there’s a lot of discovery, which is cool. but you might live a relatively spartan lifestyle for a while while you’re sort of putting it all together,” said Miguel McKelvey, the WeWork co-founder, who said he sat on 300 chairs to find the right furnishings.

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