Littleton City Council votes tonight about stopping an apartment construction project it previously approved

By: Margaret Jackson, Business Den

An escalating development dispute in Littleton has at least two councilmen trying to void a building permit for work that’s already underway.

The Littleton City Council is considering revoking the building permit the city granted Zocalo Community Development to build The Grove apartment community more than a month after construction on the project has started.

The issue came up at a council meeting last month, when Councilman Doug Clark moved to revoke The Grove’s site-development plan and building permit. Councilman Jerry Valdes seconded the motion. The motion was tabled at the request of City Attorney Kristin Schledorn, who told the council, “There is a lot of liability with this position, and I don’t believe council is authorized to do this.”

Zocalo principal David Zucker said he’d sue Littleton for $30 million if the permit is revoked. “This is nearly unprecedented in Colorado,” he said. “Council should be concerned about the antibusiness message this sends for those considering moving to Littleton.”

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