RiNo half-acre reels in $2.5M

By: Burl Rolett, BusinessDen

If a recent property transfer is any guide, land in RiNo has appreciated 30x in 20 years.

Delgany Ventures, LLC bought 0.4 acres at the 36th and Delgany streets on the same block as the new Blue Moon this week for $2.5 million. The seller in the deal was Delganey Shop, LLC managed by Bobby and Eileen Lorimer. That firm bought the real estate in a pair of deals in 1993 and 1995, according to Denver city records, for a combined $90,000.

Delgany Ventures is headed up by Lance A. Peterson and shares a mailing address with Citrus Energy, a Castle Rock-based company founded by Peterson. Peterson did not return a phone message seeking comment on the acquisition by press time.

The Delgany Street property has one small, 4,400-square-foot industrial building.

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