Winklers weren’t off their rockers, after all

By: Jill Jamieson-Nichols, Colorado Real Estate Journal

Jason and Ellen Winkler never meant to stay in Denver, and they certainly didn’t expect to change a whole neighborhood.

“We didn’t say, ‘If we do X, Y and Z, other people will build things and all of the sudden River North will be this growing, crazy, awesome neighborhood. We did what we thought was the right thing. We thought, ‘People will like this, people will benefit from it. We’ll bring people together and help their companies grow,’” said 44-year-old Jason Winkler.

Known for their catalyst RiNo development, Industry, the Winklers came to Denver to open a satellite office for their Jackson Hole, Wyoming, company, which produced events for big-name lifestyle brands – Red Bull, Oakley, Quicksilver and others. In Jackson Hole, they were losing employees who couldn’t afford the high cost of living, plus they had a child with physical issues who was starting school. “We just thought Denver would be a really good foundation for him, and for us to know what he needed. But we only came to Denver thinking it was for 18 months,” said Ellen Winkler.

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