Orangetheory lands in Uptown

By: Burl Rolett, BusinessDen

Orangetheory is bulking up with a new location in Uptown.

Veteran Orangetheory franchisees Wendy and Erik Skaalerud, and Trent and Paig Peaker, are opening their fifth gym at 450 E. 17th Ave. in Uptown. Ashley Grossman, general manager of the gym, said they hope to fill a fitness gap in a fast-growing part of Denver.

“Uptown is really growing. I think over the past several years you’ve seen a movement in the growth of business in the neighborhood and the area in general,” Grossman said. “And it’s an area that doesn’t have anything like Orangetheory that’s super close.”

Uptown’s 3,200-square-foot Orangetheory will be the 21st in Colorado, Grossman said. The gym will open to founding members on June 18, then July 1 for all members.

The concept offers high-intensity interval training routines where patrons track their heart rate through different zones of cardiovascular intensity.

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