Four beds, two baths, big price difference

By Aldo Svaldi, The Denver Post

A four-bedroom, two-bathroom home lists for an average price of $929,496 in the city of Boulder. But someone willing to live in Craig can get that type of house for $184,833 — one-fifth the price, according to a home-price comparison survey.

That’s a big gap, but not anywhere as wide as Silicon Valley versus Detroit. Average list prices ranged from $2.45 million in Saratoga, Calif., a suburb of San Jose, to $64,110 in Detroit, according to the 2016 Home Listing Report from Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Coldwell Banker looked at home listings for 50,000 four-bedroom, two-bathroom properties in 2,186 cities, including 26 in Colorado. That home type is popular with families and found in about every market.

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