Emerging Broker Of The Month June 2018

While dedication and interest in commercial real estate have provided a strong foundation for his success, perseverance has really paid off for Andrew Monette, associate advisor with Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, LLC.

“Every senior broker you ask will tell you same thing – you need to consistently be making phone calls, lots of phone calls, and you will never really stop prospecting for clients,” said Monette.

Monette joined Pinnacle as a research intern in 2013. After a twelve-month internship, he was promoted to database manager and in 2016, was promoted to being a transaction manager on the Johnson|Ritter Team. At the beginning of 2017, Monette then moved into the role of associate advisor on the Johnson|Ritter Team.

“The best advice I could give to a broker just getting their foot in the doors is to persevere.  Like I did, they are very likely to go home on some days wondering if this is even the right thing to be doing, but with hours of hard work with their nose to the grindstone, eventually the ball they’ve been pushing up hill will reach its pinnacle!,” he said.

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