Emerging Broker of the Month August 2017 – Michael Krebsbach

For Michael Krebsbach, associate advisor at Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, commercial real estate is in his DNA. Coming from a family who has owned every facet of CRE over the years, including a chain of banks in the Twin Cities, he received his education in the field long before he graduated from the University of Denver.

Michael is a commercial real estate broker, specializing in multifamily sales, with a concentration on the tertiary markets around Denver, such as Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Before launching his career in the brokerage industry Michael majored in Real Estate and Construction Management, which equipped him with the knowledge and skill set to help his clients achieve their goals. His experience growing up in a family amerced in the industry, also provided him with a well-rounded experience that today helps him assist clients in other areas outside of multifamily. Working at his family-owned bank during his summers in college, provided him with valuable experience and understanding of the inner-workings of banks and how that relates to financing of real estate transactions.

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