Developer plans office/retail for Sunnyside industrial building

By: Burl Rolett, BusinessDen

Another Sunnyside corner will get shiny new retail space next year.

GM Development is planning on renovating a cinderblock industrial building just off of Chaffee Park into a new 7,600-square-foot office and retail building. GM principal Ben Gearhart said the plan is to move his firm, Capital Works Mortgage, into the office space and lease the rest to a new liquor store and a restaurant.

“It’s a hybrid of location, it’s obviously a gentrifying neighborhood, but this building also gave us the ability to have parking,” Gearhart said. “We own some properties on Tennyson Street as well, but we thought parking would be much more of an issue there.”

Gearhart heads up GM Development with partner Charles Moore, who is also a fellow principal at Capital Works Mortgage. The $3 million project will take place at 4402 Umatilla St., a 0.27-acre plot Gearhart said his firm has a contract to buy.

Paul Clark Masonry operates out of a 4,200-square-foot, mural-covered brick building on the site. Clark also owns the real estate, though Gearhart said they plan to close a sale on the property in October, pending a rezoning case moving through city offices.

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