Record Price Per Unit in Aurora

Josh Newell, Principal and Barton Thompson, Advisor with the Newell Team at Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce the sale of 2383 Emporia Street in Aurora, Colorado. The 6-unit apartment building was built in 1957 and sold on July 5th, 2019 with a contract price of $990,000; $165,000 per unit and $251.01 per square foot.

At $165,000 per unit Newell & Thompson have once again set the Price/Unit record for C class apartments sold in Aurora, CO. This will be the third time Newell and Thompson have set the all-time Price/Unit record in Aurora. Previous records were set by the sale of 1995 Del Mar Pkwy for $104,134/unit in 2017 and the sale 1995 Del Mar Pkwy again in 2018 for $140,740.