Pinnacle Announces Lease of Denver Office to Colorado WINS

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce an office lease between Boulevard 25 LLC (“Landlord”) and Colorado WINS a Texas non-profit organization (“Tenant”) for 1,833 square feet at Boulevard 25, 1777 S Bellaire St, Denver, CO 80222. Eric Shaw of Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors represented the tenant in this transaction.

Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solutions (WINS) is a union representing more than 31,000 state employees who work to ensure our quality of life in communities in every corner of our state. Black or white, asian or latinx, native or newcomer, we make the way for quality essential services to everyone.

“We were pleased to work with this organization who had temporarily had its employees working from home due to Covid. Their new office at Boulevard 25 offers a professionally run office property with great amenities that Colorado WINS will enjoy for years to come.” said Eric Shaw of Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors.

For more information on this sale please contact Eric Shaw.